Víctor Valdés

Unfortunate End of the Career of Víctor Valdés

Víctor Valdés is a true legend of “Barcelona”. With the team, he won the Champions League three times and won many times in La Liga. However, in 2015 Valdés moved to England. By the way, Premier League fixtures are covered on the sports statistics website. This is a good opportunity to follow them and not miss anything important.

Victor left “Barcelona” after the 2013/2014 season. At the same time, he suffered a serious injury, because of which he missed more than six months. Unfortunately, he failed to return to his previous level. At “Manchester United”, where Valdés transferred from “Barcelona”, he was originally De Gea’s replacement. Moreover, in the Belgian championship, playing for “Standard”, Spanish did not dazzle.

Despite recent setbacks, “Middlesbrough” decided to hire an experienced keeper in the summer of 2016. His skill and the ability to bail out should have benefited the team. By the way, the fixtures of this team, which it played in the Premier League, and other tournaments can be found on the sports statistics website.

The reality, however, was not pretty. Not to say that Valdés failed, but he performed mediocrely. The Spaniard simply did not help his club. Sometimes he could produce a good match, but he often missed easy kicks.

As a result, in the 2016/2017 campaign “Middlesbrough” ranked 19th in the EFL and left the elite division. After that, Valdés decided to end his professional career

Reasons for the failure of the goalkeeper in the EFL

First of all, Valdés was hampered by psychological problems. After leaving “Barcelona”, the keeper stopped believing in himself and made many mistakes. He could not find his former reliability. By the way, if you follow the Catalans now, but miss today’s football results, and then go to the sports statistics website. Here you will find all the matches of the club.

As for the period of Valdés’ performances for “Middlesbrough”, in this team he could not show his best qualities because of:

  1. Lack of understanding with the defenders. For this reason, in the actions of the player often cutbacks, misfires. He could not give hints to his defenders, which led to dangerous moments at the gate of “Middlesbrough”.
  2. Constant criticism. The press regularly noted the goalkeeper’s mistakes, and this had a negative effect on his confidence.
  3. Lack of motivation. Valdés had already played his last game, so he did not give his best in every match. The footballer understood that he had a lot of trophies with “Barcelona” and could be proud of his career, so even a bad game at “Middlesbrough” would not be a damage to his reputation. 

As a result, the player spent in the club just a season and the fans did not remember almost anything. If you follow the team and missed today’s results of any of the football matches in which it participated, then be sure to go to the verified platform. Here you will find all the relevant data.